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Each manvantara (era) is rule over by a Manu.

The first Manu was Svayambhuva. Shatakratu held the title of Indra during this manvantara. The second Manu was Svarochisha. Vipashchita held the title of Indra during this manvantara. Third Manu was Uttama and Sushanti was Indra then.

The fourth Manu was tapasa and Shikhi held the title of Indra then. The fifth Manu was Raivata and Vitatha was Indra then.

The  title  of  Indra  was  held  by  Manojava  during  the  sixth  manvantara,  the  Manu  being Chakhusha.

Next came Shradhadeva, the seventh Manu Puranadara being the Indra.

The eighth Manu’s name is Savarni and the eighth Indra’s Bali. The eighth manvantara has not yet come.

The ninth Manu will be Dakshasavarni and the ninth Indra wil be Adbhuta.

During the tenth manvantara, the Manu will be Brahmasavarni and the title of Indra will be held by Shanti.

During the rule of the eleventh Manu Dharmasavarni, the Indra will be Gana. The twelfth Manu will be Rudrasavarni and the twelfth Indra will be Ritadhama. Rouchya will be the thirteenth Manu and Divaspati will be the thirteenth Indra.

The fourteenth Manu will be Bhoutya and the title of Indra will then be held by Shuchi.

During each of Brahma’s days, there are fourteen such manvantaras. After that comes Brahma’s night, when all these living beings are destroyed.