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Shukdev describes about the dynasties that would occur in Kali Yuga. Ripunjay or Puranajay would be the last king of Brihdrath dynasty. This dynasty would be succeeded by the kings of Nand dynasty. Then a diplomatic Brahmin, named Chanakya, would exterminate this dynasty and enthrone Chandragupt Maurya. In Maurya dynasty, a great king would occur by the name of Ashokvardhan. After him, Yavans would rule then for six hundred and forty years. Their rule would be succeeded by the governance of the
fair-complexioned foreigners, who would rule for one hundred and sixty years. Thereafter, there would be no king and no subjects because people from all the classes would come forward to rule.

The ruler would be selected by the majority votes. There would be no any thing like holyness. Cows would grow thin like nannies. People would not marry, as per their castes. Greed, selfishness and sex would be the base of marriage life. In adverse conditions, spouses would desert each other. There would be nothing like duty, responsibility and conduct. Hair would be the main item of adornment for the women.

People would not have the knowledge of religious scriptures in Kali Yuga. Talkativeness would be identified with knowledge. Only those would be regarded as clever, who could pick others’ pockets. Children would not regard or pay due respect to their parents. Children would maintain relations with parents till their marriage only, not after that. Boys would not touch the feet of their own parents, but would pay full respect to their father and mother-in-law, Brother-in-law would be dearer to them than their own brother.

Shukdev says: Parikshit, Kali Yuga is the mine of faults, But it has only one great virtue – that the people will acquire divine position only by reciting Lord’s name. Recitation of Lord’s name, regardless of intention and motivation– whether it is love, derision, laziness or maliceness- would destroy one’s sins.

But O Parikshit, the sinister people would do even the most difficult tasks in Kali Yuga, but they would not recite Lord’s name. They would not have an interest in the Lord. Their interests would be more in sensuous things like sound, touch, beauty, scent etc.

O Parikshit, the Paramagati (supreme salvation) that people could receive by ten thousand years of meditation in Satya Yuga; by performing Yagya for hundred years in Treta Yuga and by worshiping Lord’s idol for ten years in Dwapar Yuga, that supreme salvation is easily available for people in Kali Yuga simply by reciting Lord’s name for one day and one night continuously. But still, in Kali Yuga people would not have faith in Lord’s name. It is their misfortune.

Shukdev says: O Parikshit, recitation of Sri Hari has occurred in Srimad Bhagavat MahaPurana. O King, this soul is eternal, so you abandon this animal- like feeling that you would die. You are

not the body. You are the eternal form of joy. Imbibe your mind with the reflections of Paramatma (supreme spirit) and have a sight of Him in the end. You are God yourself. Then neither Takshak nor death would do any harm to you. Unify yourself in the supreme being by thoughts like, ‘I am Parabrahma.’ Thus Shukdev assured Parikshit to be fearless.