One day Sudyumn had gone on a hunting excursion. Riding the horse with his ministers, Sudyumn reached a forest at the foothills of Meru Mountain. The forest was the nuptial abode of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. As soon as Sudyumn and his companions entered the forests, they all, even horses, got converted into females. Relating its reason Sukhdev said: ‘Once, Mata Parvati was sitting naked in the lap of Lord Shiva when suddenly some great sages arrived there to have a sight of Lord. Mata Parvati sank with shyness and ran to don some cloth. When the sages saw that Gauri and Lord Shiva were enjoying intimacy, they moved at once to the hermitage of Nar-Narayana. Right at that moment, in order to please Mata Parvati, Lord Shiv said: ‘Except me, any man who enters here, shall become a women.’ It was because of these

words of Lord Lord Shiva, that Sudyumn and his companions were transformed into females. While Sudyumn was roaming as woman, Budh, the son of Chandra, fell in love with her and they agreed to get married. From their marriage, a son, Pururawa was born, who founded the town named Pratishthanpur.

Sudyumn, in female form, prayed Lord Shiva to free him from woman incarnation. Lord Shiva blessed Sudyumn that he would be a man for a month and a woman for another. Thus this cycle would continue life long. Thereafter Sudyumn returned to the kingdom and began to rule it religiously. He got three sons in due course- Utkal, Gaya and Vimal. In the twilight of his life, Sudyumn gave his kingdom to Pururava and he took exile.

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