BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Bhanda’s war preparation

While Lalita devi was proceeding for the war, many bad omens were observed in Bhanda‘s ‗Shunyaka‘ town. Bhandasura called upon an urgent meeting along with his brothers Vishukra and Vishanga to assess and evaluate the situation. In the meeting Vishukra spoke thus:
a.) All gods have burnt themselves by jumping into fire, out of despair.
b.) From that fire arose mother goddess, who rejuvenated all gods
c.) She is coming for a war with us, along with an army of women
d.) Those gods are trying to cut stones using tender leaves
e.) Even then we should not neglect that woman. We must send our army immediately. Vishanga said:
a.) Any work should only be done after properly thinking about it.
b.) First we must send spies and see how powerful their army is.
c.) We must not under estimate the enemies army.
d.) In the past Hiranyakashipa was killed by an animal.
e.) Sumbha and Nishumbha were killed by a woman.
f.) So, we must get more information about her
g.) Who is she ? Who is supporting or protecting her? What does she want? All these queries should be answered.

Listening to this Bhandasura shuddered at the proposal with a sarcastic grin. “Even if all the gods are behind her, we have nothing to fear. Do not entertain such useless thoughts and spoil your mind”.

Immediately Bhandasura ordered ‗Kutilaksha‘, Commander-in-chief of his army, to protect the fort. He ordered the priests and ministers to perform abhichara (black magic) homa. He ordered Lalita to be dragged to him holding her hair. Now, the demons played the war drums. Kutilaksha sent the first batch of army with demon Durmada as the commander..At Shunyapura Kutilaksha made arrangements for protection – Eastern entry _ Tala jangha, Southern entry – Tala bhuja, Western entry — Talagriva, Northern entry – Tala ketu were placed along with 10 akshohini army each. For each corner of the town another 10 akshohini was allocated for protection.

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