Discovering the Life of the Spirit

Modern man is pestered with tension. Doubts, anxiety and fear assail him. He tends to consider himself as a meaningless product of chance without hope and a destiny. He fails to recognize any sublime harmony between himself and the universe. Only when he acquires that saving sense which Einstein calls ‘true religiousness’ can he become happy with himself and his

environment. From many of his clinical studies, Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist, is convinced that people who get relief easily from mental and physical afflictions are those who have turned to religion. Jung says, “We modems are faced with the necessity of rediscovering the life of the Spirit. We must experience it anew ourselves. It is the only way in which we can break the spell that hinds us to the cycle of biological events.”
When one prays in a place of worship, the conducive atmosphere facilitates communion with the Inner Fact, which is I lie Supreme Source. Sincere yearning for spiritual expansion rclines the mind, making one wiser, abler and happier.
Those who are exploiting religion and science, the two-uplifiting branches of human expansion, for narrow ends, have introduced evil in them. Modem man has to choose the freedom- giving spirit of these disciplines to rediscover the ‘Life of the Spirit’.

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