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Describing the significance of worshipping Navgraha (nine planets), Lord Vishnu told Rudra —
‘One who worships the Navgraha with appropriate rituals attains all the four ‘purusharth’ (objectives of man’s life)- dharma (religion), artha (money), kama (sex), and moksha (salvation).’ He then went on to give various mantras related with the Navgrahas, which a devotee should chant while worshipping them —

Surya (Sun) — Om Surya Murtaye Namah. Om Hram Hrim Sah Suryay Namah.

Chandrama (Moon)– Om Somay Namah.

Bhaum (Mars)– Om Bhaumay Namah.

Buddh (Mercury)– Om Buddhay Namah.

Brihaspati (Jupiter)– Om Vrihaspataye Namah.

Shukra (Venus)– Om Shukray Namah.

Shani (Saturn)– Om Shanaishcharay Namah.

Rahu (Dragon’s Head)– Om Rahave Namah.

Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)– Om Ketave Namah.

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