I lie supreme Truth is thus symbolized here as the smiling form of Mother Mookambika. She has four arms. The upper left arm holds the conch and the right, the discus. The conch, which is blown to produce an auspicious vibrating sound, symbolizes the field of subtlest universal vibration, Saba  Brahman, the Spirit Energy foundation of the manifested universe, which is represented by the Beejaakshara, the seed vibration, ‘ OM’ (&). The discus symbolizes time and the cyclic nature of I lie phenomena of the universe. The lower left arm expresses l lie mystic sign of abaya, assuring freedom from all fear, and i he right arm the abheeshta sign, assuring the fulfilment of life’s natural desires. The form of the Divine Mother as a whole  represents the transcendental Supreme Reality, the very Source of the matter-time phenomenon. The abaya sign symbolizes the fact that he who steadfastly directs his mind to the Supreme would find liberation from all fear through a deepening understanding of the glory and eternity of his divine dimensions, and the abheeshta sign reassure that such a one would invariably experience life’s limitlessness, its meaning and fulfillment in Liberation. Thus the form of Sri Mookambika is a language.

Sri Adi Shankaracharya had an ecstatic vision of Reality in the form of Divine Mother Mookambika at the holy place. Tradition has it
that he sang his superb hymn, Soundarya-lahari here, as he was worshipping the Mother.

Pregnant with profound and sublime meaning Ihe Skanda Purana, an ancient epic, contains profuse its o f the glories of this great shrine. In a legend relating to temple, Indra, the king of gods, makes an interesting query ill lari, who here represents the Supreme: “O the Supreme  Brahman, now you are seen in this temple in a female form? i 11 idly tell me what is your real nature, male or female?”

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