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The Sages requested Suta to describe how Lord Brahma assigned Lordships to all the deities and the demons.


Suta replied— The Sun was made the lord of all the planets. Soma was made the lord of all the constellations and medicinal herbs. Similarly, Vaun was made the Lord of water, while Kubera was assigned the Lordship of wealth. Lord Vishnu attained the Lordship of Adityas, Pawak of Vasus, Daksha of Prajapatis, Indra of deities, and Prahlada attained the Lordship of all the demons. Some other prominent species and the assigned Lordships are as follows—


SPECIES                    LORD 

Animals                      Rudra                       Women                         Uma Rudras                        Neelalohit                  Obstacles                     Gajanan Power of Speech        Saraswati                    Mountains                   Himalaya Rivers                        Ganga                         Oceans                         Ksheersagar Trees                          Peepal (Fig)              Gandharvas                 Chitrarathi Serpents                     Takshak                      Birds                            Garuda Prithu was made the lord of Earth and Lord Shiva the lord of whole universe.