Kama tried his best to bring lord Shiva under his influence. All the living creatures were spell bound by his powers except lord Shiva and Ganesha.

Kama returned back to Brahma ad told him about his unsuccessful attempts. Brahma sighed heavily. From his sighes were created the ferocious ganas. These ganas were shouting ”aray- maray”(kill-kill). They even tried to attack lord Brahma, Kama then pacified the anger of these ganas. These ganas were named as Mar.

Lord Brahma then sent these ganas to Shiva along with Kama and Rati to give it a second try. Once again their attempts went futile. All of them returned to lord Brahma and expressed their inability in influencing Shiva.

Lord Brahma then remembered Vishnu, who appeared instantaneously. Brahma revealed about his intentions to him. LordVishnu told him that it was foolishness on his part to have enemity towards Shiva. But when lord Brahma kept on insisting, he revealed to him that this could be only achieved by the blessings of Goddess Parvati. Lord Vishnu said-

“If she becomes pleased with you, then she could help you in achieving your goal by taking birth in a human form and having Shiva as her husband. Instruct Daksha to do penance so that Parvati takes birth in his house.”

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