Devarshi Narada who was listening to the divine tales of Shiva, narrated by lord Brahma with rapt attention, requested him to describe about other characteristics of Shiva. Brahma said-

“Once, lord Shiva accompanies by Sati, arrived at Dandak aranya, where Sri Rama was wandering in search of Sita, who had been abducted by Ravana. After walking for some time Lord Shiva saw Sri Rama and Lakshman. Lord Shiva made salutations to Sri Rama. Sati was surprised at Shiva’s behaviours. She asked lord Shiva about the reason he made salutations to Sri Rama. Shiva told Sati that he (Sri Rama) was his deity and an incarnation of lord Vishnu. But Sati was not satisfied by this reply. She wanted to test, whether Sri Rama was really an incarnation of lord Vishnu or not. She disguised herself as Sita and went to Sri Rama. But Sri Rama recognised her real identity and addressed her as Mother. Sati was ashamed but asked Sri Rama as to why did Shiva made salutations to her.”

Sri Rama narrated the following story-

Once, lord Shiva requested Vishwakarma to construct a grand palace and a magnificent throne for him. When everything was ready, Shiva invited all the deities for the crowning ceremony of lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu was requested to be seated on the throne and was worshipped by all the deities including Shiva himself. He assured lord Vishnu that all of his (Vishnu’s) incarnations would be shown respected by his (Shiva’s) devotees. Rama was the incarnation of Vishnu.”

Sati was now completely satisfied. She was also ashamed of herself that she had doubted Shiva’s words. She went to lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva stopped looking at Sati, as her consort, because she had personified herself as mother Sita. This fact was even corroborated by a heavenly voice. Now Sati’s heart was filled up with sorrows.

She followed disenchanted Shiva to the Kailash mountain, where he commenced his meditation and went into Samadhi. She sat down without saying a word. When lord Shiva came out from his Samadhi, he saw her stire sitting their. He felt pity on her and drove away her guilt and sorrows, by giving discourses.

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