Sutji narrated a tale to all the assembled sages–During ancient times, a brahmin named Ramkrishna did an austere penance at Venketachal mountain. He remained immobile during the entire course of his penance resulting into the development of mole hills all over his body. Indra was scarred by Ramkrishna’s penance and caused a heavy downpour for a week. All the mole hills were washed away from Ramkrishna’s body. Lord Srinivas became pleased and appeared before him. He blessed Ramkrishna by saying–‘This holy place, where you have performed a great penance will be named after you as Krishna teerth. Anybody who makes a pilgrimage to this place will be liberated from all the sins.’

Eulogizing Lord Venketashwar, Sutji says—‘A man, who has the good fortune of seeing the divine appearance of Lord Srinivas even for a moment, attains salvation.’

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