This mountain is in the western that, and it is above 4000 height. It is towards the east of the temple To reach the mountains. Peak, one has to cross 18k.m. distance. This is a worth seeing place, one will enjoy the real beauty. This is possible, who are having the strong will. Be­cause, the road is not good. So only few can climb it. One will have to carry sufficient food, as no where you will get anything. Another thing, as a precautionary, measure one must take the assistance of a perfect guide, when you start a journey, after crossing 12km, you will reach place ‘Girimutt, we will see the remnants of five hundred years here. ‘Jangam math’ belong­ing to Ligayat community is found here. The things which were existed in the past are till today available to the visitors. A stone mantapa of sixteen feet height and eight feet breadth is seen till today, This shows, that this area was thickly populated in the past. Hereafter, on will find very difficult to go ahead. One must be very cautions. If one look at the mountain, it seems like one single mountain. But there are three, ie., shesha parvata, siddhaparvata, and kumar parvatha. First comes shehsa parvata, and next comes kumar parvata. the beautiful look attracts he pilgrims. The mountain faces to the south anc looks like a serpent with seven hoods. Where as he siddaparvata is in accessible to human beings This is the place where Vishnu teerthacharya took penance here and also believed that till today le is here. If we move towards the east after cross­ing Shesha parvata we reach kumar parvata. Here we may observe on the top. plateau in an acre o and, also we see here, the place where kumarswamy is anointed and his two-foot prints seen, visitors touch these and make offerings foot prints are engraved in stones.
During coronation ceremony the water flowing different directions, and these two sremlets are called Uddhaya kumardhara
the two rivers flow separately up to eight miles from, subrahmanya and further it flows as ane. one will wonder to see the water on thes<; foot, the water will flow separately in two directions.
Strangely enough, we find here a rare kind o white stones which are available on the top of the mountain. these stones are called Kumarlinga. These stones are in the from of hexagons. it may be the miracle of the god or mystery of nature one car not access easily. its size is too tiny and medium one, but. shape is all the same these unique type of sotes are collected by pilgrims and after carrying to their homes they worship like saligram and shivalinga.
It indeed brings a great pleasure to visit. One will enjoy the beauty to the maximum ex­tent. The memory will never washout. Feels to visit often. The glorious past and promising present makes cheerful. Thegrandeur, glory and greatness of this holy place is Immemorible one. Prayeres will brign u s postitive results. Fulfilment of our wishes is certain here.
Let the Lord kumarswamy bless us with un­bounded mercy.

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