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Spiritual centres function as divine dynamos and help activate ilie higher potentials in man, bestowing peace and happiness to the earnest seekers. There, they come in contact with the Reality within, gain strength to face misfortunes, acquire a new energy and hope and even experience miraculous turns in the course of life.
The renowned temple of Sri Mookambika is such a centre of spiritual power. Surrounded by the ever-green mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, the temple exerts an aesthetic and ennobling in lluence on thousands. Standing before the beautiful idol of the Divine Mother resplendent with spiritual grace, the devotee establishes contact with the Uncaused Cause of everything, of all forms and qualities.
Let us hope that the natural beauty will always be maintained in its verdant charm. Living in the modem technological civilization, we often tend to assault such places of delight in the name of ‘development’destroying their sanctity and gracefulness. Nothing should be allowed to mar the divine harmony of the place. All developments and constructions should go in tune with the natural charm. Each pilgrim should see that the holy places are kept always clean and beautiful, regarding this as his/her sacred duty.
Let the trees bloom in their divine glory. New trees should be planted where the old ones have fallen. Let the serenity and grace of this region always prevail, as the tension ridden modem man has to visit now and then such sylvan abodes of quietude vibrant with spiritual power to seek that inward peace which reinforces him with inner strength and a greater vision.