The gift of Manchali village

The ever compassionate SriGururaja pacified the Nawab and said, ‘What will I, a sanyasin, do with your wealth and fiefdom?’ But the Nawab insisted that he desired to express his gratitude by gifting at least one village and consulted Diwan Venkanna on the matter. Venkanna explained the Nawab’s feelings to SriSwami and prayed in various ways. Then SriSwami asked for Manchali village on the banks of Tunga-Bhadra river falling under the Adoni mandal, in gift. The Nawab said that he had already gifted that dirty village to some Kazi earlier and that he could offer another village in some other prosperous region. But SriSwami clearly told him that it would be either Manchali village or nothing else. The Nawab then took back that village Manchali from the Kazi and gifted it to SriSwami and felt gratified. It can certainly be said that Siddi Masoodkhan must have really gathered a lot of punya in his previous birth to have been alleviated by SriSwami’s benevolent grace. How else could such fortune be available to somebody else?

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