The greatness of SriSwami after entering the vrindavana

After SriSwami entered the vrindavana, devotees have been offering sevas to SriSwami all through the year unmindful of Ashadha, Bhadrapada, Shunyamasa etc. and have been rewarded with success. SriSwami is there inside the vrindavana even today but he is not visible to our physical eyes. Yet if we pray with unwavering devotion he pays heed to us and blesses us. SriSwami has himself told before everybody that he will keep coming just like this even in future to help us. The effect of SriGururaja’s powers of mantra is not recent, but it is eternal and everlasting; he always hears the call from the devotees’ hearts and responds to it. In today’s times of disbelief in the supreme and disinterest in dharma, it must be because SriSwami is supporting the noble ones, that whether it is in Mantralaya or near SriSwami’s mrittika-vrindavanas, there is always a crowd of devotees to be seen. Day after day devotees take SriSwami’s darshana and destroy their sins and achieve good health – children – happiness – wealth – liberation and similarly walk the path of dhanna. If we begin to enlist the beneficiaries who have been blessed by SriSwami, it will not be possible for us commoners. Even then I continue this writing to describe a few of those.

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