History of the Tirumala Tirupati Region

TIRU MALA and Tirupati are places well known all over India. Si venkatesvara, presiding deity of Tirumala or Vengadam, is revered by lakhs of people all over the country who visit His famous temple throughtout the year, travelling long distances.
The chief centres of pilgrimage in this region are Sri Venkat wara’s temple on the Tirumala hill, the shrine of Govindaraja hi the town of Tirupati and the shrine of Padmavati, situated in
Tiruchanur, three miles to the south of Tirupati. Of minor temples, mention may be made of the Kapilesvara temple at Kapilatirtham, the Rama temple in the town of Tirupati and the Parasaresvara temple at log i Mallavaram, situated a furlong to the west of Tiruchanur.

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