Legenda about Tirumala and its God – Story of Sankha

()nce, in the Krita-yuga, there was a king named Sankha in the solar race. He desired to do some thing which would last eternally and consulted his guru, Vasistha. Vasistha advised him to go to venkatadri and pray to the Lord. The king came to the hill and did penance The Lord appeared before him in a vimana and asked the King  to build a vimana like the one in which he came and install in it an  image which would resemble him. Sankha carried out the command and built a vimana and installed in it an image of the Lord. This temple was destroyed at the end of the Kalpa and the image “i I mi ied in the ground up to the knees; an anthill surrounded it and a tamarind  tree grew up offering it good shade.

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