The Temples of Tirupati – Alinganachandrasekhara Murti

This image is set up against the east wall of the hall. Siva is seated on a bhadrasana with his left leg folded and die right hanging and resting on the head of Nandi below. He holds ankusa in the upper rigid hand and mriga in the upper left. His lower right hand is in abhaya and the lower left passes round the back of devi seated on his left thigh. He wears a kiritmakuta, makarakundalas, three graiveyakas, one Horn, a girdle of pearl hangings mdaPumoruka. The devi holds a lotus in the right hand and keeps the left hanging.
This fine image is also set against the east wall of the hall. This god stands in samabhanga holding a lotus in each hand. He is adorned with kiritamakuta, chakrakundalas, three graiveyakas, Yajnopavita, udarabandha, a triple girdle of pearls, manjiras, anklets and an ardhoruka.

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