THE ADVENT OF English education and the onrush of modem scientific knowledge brushed aside, in the initial phases, India’s deep vision of the inner nature of man and lus destiny. As a result we Indians also began to think (hat the only knowledge was knowledge of the objective world. However, the emergence of great spiritual personalities like Sri Ramakrishna in the East and matured scientific minds in the West has helped to put a check to this retrogressive trend.
Now, the educated in India and elsewhere are giving more serious attention to ancient Indian thought and wisdom. This beautiful book, Sri Mookambika: The Radiant Grace, reflects this modem trend.
While science brings a great deal of knowledge about the external world, it is still very much ignorant about the inner nature of man. Unless man gets a firm grip on his real nature, all his deep knowledge of the external world may, as we see today, turn to be a curse because of the disproportion in his understanding of the inner Reality and its creation, the outer world.

If he acquires knowledge about his inner Self and thereby achieves control over his own mind and senses, he becomes wise and strong enough to be a master of any situation and his own destiny. Then, his knowledge of outside nature becomes a boon to him and society. Then only can he be called a progressive man, a man of knowledge, as said in The Bhagavad-gita.
Temples and pilgrim centres are the universities from where man can learn his lessons of Self-knowledge.
The shrine of Divine Mother Sri Mookambika, surounded by the soul-stirring sylvan charm of the Western Ghats, is such a centre providing an excellent venue for spiritual seekers. This book gives a beautiful description about this pilgrim centre. For the seeker who wishes to worship the Almighty in the form of the Divine Mother in this ancient place of spiritual communion, this is a very good guide.
I wish the book warm reception from the public.
Swami Sakrananda
President, Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Thiruvananthapuram – 695 010


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