MADURAI KSHETHRA – Important places inside the temple Golden Lotus Tank

This beautiful tank is situated within the temple complex. This holy water was created by Lord Siva by thrusting his ‘ Solaris (three toned spear) into the earth in deference to the plea of Nandi Dewar and other deities. It is believed that the king of Devas Indra worshiped Lord Shiva with Golden Lotus Flowers from this tank.

The tank is surrounded by spacious corridors. Scenes from Thieu yilaiyadal Puranas are painted on the wall of the northen corridors and on the wall of the southern corridors verses from the ancient famed Tamil devotional poems and Thirukkural have been inscribed on marbles slabs. On the Pillars of northern corridors are figures of 24 poets of the Third Tamil Sangam (Period), the merchant Dhanajeyan who saw the temple at first and then King Kulasekhara Pandion who first built the temple. On the south-west of this tank we can see the Vi putti Ganesha.
The Golden Lotus Tank within the precincts of this temple is the place where the sangam or the Tamil literary society used to meet to decide the merit of the works presented to them.

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