MADURAI KSHETHRA – Origin Of The Temple

The sacred Swayambu Lingam(self manifested) discovered by the king of Gods ‘Indira’ at Kadambavanam, was later enshrined by him in Madurai. Many years ago, what is the present city of Madurai was a forest of Kadamba trees. Once The King of Devas Indra, carried the
sin of Brahmahathi. To rid himself of the sin, he undertook a pilgrimage and did penance. When he came to this Kadamba forest he found a Swayambu Linga beneath a Kadamba tree. He did severe penance and felt himself purified. He worshipped the deity with golden lotus flowers from a tank nearby, built a tower over the sanctum, and returned to Indianola. The Devas started worshipping the Linga since then.
Later a merchant by name Dhananjayan, who happened to stay for a night near this shrine, noticed puja being performed. He informed
King Kulasekara Pandyan who ruled in Mansoor, about this incident. Lord Siva, with honey dripping from His matted locks, appeared in the King’s dream, gave him darshan and asked him to build a shrine there. The King came to the forest and worshipped the Lord. It was he WhO bUilt the proper temple and King Kulasekara Pandion the city of Madurai that became the famous capital of the Pandyas.

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