Mahanandi Kshethra – RUDRA GUNDAM

Rudra Gundam was repaired and steps for four sides were constructed by the devotees. Pancha lingas were stayed in the temple in the middle of the pond. (Swamy’s Pushkarini)

1) Pridhvi (Bhu) Linga
2) Jala (Water) Linga
3) Thejo (Fire) Linga
4) Vayu (Wind) Linga
5) Akasa (Sky) Linga. Are the Pancha Lingas
Though the water flows from each and every part of eastern side, it seems there is a big flow from the mouth of Nandi, which is fixed in the middle of the east. Many pictures like the Nataraja. The Sun and Varahavathara are engraved on the eastern wall.

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