Surya Nandi is nearly within a distance of 8 kms.’in the western side of Mahanadi, near the village Thammadapalli.
The golden rays of the rising sun spread on the Linga in the time of the sun-rise. So it is called” Surya Nandi.” The sun god meditated here about Siva. The foretells say that the place spreads as a large town, Veerabhoga Samantha Raye may come, stay for some days and go to Mahanadi.
Sri Singari Susanna and Mandala Venkataswamy developed this place with the help of many devotees. They constructed the temples of Parvati Devi, Navagraha and Kalyanamantapa near the kshethra. Sri Pasupula Kotturaiah, Sri Chittuluru Peddanna, Sri Kanagarla Venkateswara Rao, Tiruveedhi Ramanganeyulu, Baja Veneta Reddy, Ex-M.R, and Ramada Reddy, Ex-M.L.A., rendered their service with the help of the devotees in improving the urethra. There is a metal road from Thammadapalli. This place is useful for marriages also. The pillared arch of entrance is constructed near the Village Thammadapalli. The bus facilities are provided from Nadya in important days.

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