Mahanandi Kshethra – SWAYAM BHU LINGA

The Siva Linga at Mahanandi is Swayam Bhu Linga. Generally the Linga was fixed in the trench or base. But in this place the trench itselfis fixed to the phallus (Linga). The hoof of the cow appears clearly even now. So it is clear that the sthalapurana (The History of the temple) is true and not exaggeration.
The Nandas ruled this part Nandavaram. Nandyal, Mahanandi and Nandikotkur. The dynasty was overthrown by Chandra Gupta Mourya about 323 B.C.
Nandana Chakravarthi, the son of Uttungabhoja of the Pandava race ruled this part. Next Velanati Cholas ruled this place. Vikram Chola, appointing the Governor Gonke-1 ruled the part between Mahendragiri (Ganjam) and Srisailam Mountains. He came to this place, Performed worship to Siva and Parvathi. He constructed some Mantaps, the High Towers etc. After that the Vijayanagara kings ruled this part. They constructed some porticoes and some other portions.

Hindus from different parts from the country, particularly from Andhra Pradesh, Mysore and Maharashtra visit this reputed piligrim centre.

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