This is in the northern side of Mahanadi in a distance of 4 km. near the village Kampala kalpa. The lord Vishnu meditated Nandeewara and was blessed. So it is named as ‘Vishnu Nandi”. The water from this place wets many hectares of the fertile land. Sri Chittibotla Eswara Sharma of B. Kodur who was the Chairman of the Temple Board for a long time developed a lot by constructing Porches, Raja RajeswariAlaya, Vinayaka Temple, the Master (dhwajastambha), Navagraha Temple, Nandi and other constructions with the help of Sri Dharma Nagi Reddy of Gospel. Kurnool district and other devotees. The brightness of life manifested in the Nandi statue also as the statue of Rama etc., at Mahanandi. It is the sample piece of the architecture. On one night of a full moon, a panther came here to quench and saw the statue. It misconceived that it was a real bullock and tried to catch it. The signs of its finger nails are seen even now. After that the iron fencing is made around the Nandi Vigraha.

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