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11 is a platform 80 square feet in area and })\ i in height. It was built by Krishnadevaraya in memory of his conquest of Orissa. The carvings on  this  platform are just like those in the Hajara Kama Temple. They are also similarly tiered. I hose pictures are all embodiments. Hunting scenes, dance postures and mythological pictures are common here.I

On the Southern side of this platform there care some interesting items of sculpture. In the first line there is a procession of Elephants. In another, some one is bowing to a person on the throne. On the basis of the Persian cap and the pointed beard, the one bowing can be recognised as a foreigner. Pictures foreign ambassadors have been carved here. On another side scenes of Holi have been etched.

Many festivities and competitions were celebrated here. The holes on this platform could have been meant for lighting arrangement. The nearby underground cellar was used for discussing state secrets.