Sapling is rejuvenated

SriSwami was due to visit the village of Shirasangi. But the Desai there was a Veerashaiva follower who hated Brahmins. He was a staunch follower of Shiva and was extremely annoyed by Vaishnavas. He used to proclaim that Vedas and mantras are all falsehood and would snatch away the properties and titles of Brahmins wantonly. With an idea to test the powers of SriSwami he placed a dried sapling before him in a show of great devotion and requested him to revive it. SriSwami understood the ploy and to show him the strength of the Vedas sprinkled water purified by mantras on the sapling. The sapling was rejuvenated. Then the ignorance of the Desai was removed and he repented for having harboured ill- will towards the Brahmins. He gave up his hatred for Brahmins and surrendered himself before SriSwami.

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