Sir Thomas Munroe

The Britishers came to our country in the guise of business, stayed on, established the East India Company and effectively forced their control on the Hindus. Sir Thomas Munroe was a senior officer of that Company.
He came to Mantralaya to appropriate the wealth belonging to the Mantralaya Matha upon the orders of the Company. When Munroe went in for a darshana of the vrindavana, SriGururaja appeared to him out of the vrindavana, ordered him not to appropriate the matha’s wealth and gave him mantra-akshata. But nobody else who stood close-by could see SriSwami. Within a few days, since the officer in Madras left for England, Munroe was posted to Madras. Even to this day we can see in the Madras Gazette, Munroe’s entry which records the wealth of Mantralaya matha as per SriSwami’s orders. Thus Munroe is a witness to the fact that SriSwami does not differentiate between caste-religion while extending his grace.

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