We have mentioned of several devotees having had a conversation with SriSwami in the following days. Amojig those was the famous SriVijayadasa, a great devotee of Hari and among the closest of devotees of SriSwami. Bom in a poor family and brought up in stark poverty, Sri Vijayadasa, who was the incarnation of Bhrigurishi, had had to face immense struggle for survival before receiving the grace of SriHari. SriVasu- dhendratirtha who came in the tradition of SriRagha- vendra guru was a contemporary of SriVijayadasa. The Dasa sect which was waning after having been brought to light by Purandaradasa, was revived and nurtured by SriVijayadasa. He had managed to witness the greatness of SriGururaja who was in the vrindavana, experienced it himself and sung its praises.

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