The greatness of mud

A handsome youth used to serve SriGururaja with great devotion. A desire to get married arose in him. When he went to seek Guru’s blessings, the SriSwami was performing ablutions with mud. SriSwami picked up and gifted the youth a handful of mud,und sent him off saying, ‘Go! You will fare well.’ The youth, who knew of the Guru’s greatness, accepted whatever the Guru gave as the supreme fate.
While journeying, the youth slept in the front-yard of the Kulkarni of a village. At night a ghost shouted at him asking him to wake up and to make way. The youth was deep in sleep and did not understand what the ghost said. The ghost then shouted again, ‘Make way for me. There is fire in your pillow, it is coming in my way of getting in’. That is when the youth remembered the mud that the Guru had given him and also recollected his greatness. He took courage and asked the ghost, ‘what do I get if I make way for you?’ The ghost said, ‘take a gold plate from me’ and was about to give him one. The youth picked up a pinch of mud given by SriSwami from under the pillow and threw it on the ghost. The ghost was reduced to ashes. The owner of the house heard all the commotion and came out to find what was going on. He was elated to find the pestilence of the ghost, who had been snatching all the children born to him, destroyed once and for all. He gave his younger sister in marriage to that youth. Is this not the greatness of the mud given by the compassionate SriSwami. Every thing touched by great souls is very important.

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