The sages say- “Dharma consists of ten properties such as non-violence, truth, charity, not stealing the property of others, forgiveness, self-restraint, cleanliness etc. Hence it is known as Dashang Dharma. These properties are obligatory for people belonging to all castes and creeds. A Brahmin’s life is categorised into four ashramas- Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanprastha and Sanyas. A Brahmachari is supposed to acquire knowledge by living a celibate life. After completing his studies, the Brahmachari graduates to the life of a householder. He gets married and performs his duties towards his family. After this, he enters into Vanprastha ashrama where he is required to go to the forest after abandoning worldly pleasures. At last, he accepts Sanyas, which is total renunciation. He is supposed to pass the rest of his life doing meditation and penance.”

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