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Pulastya says- “Lotus flower manifested from Vishnu’s navel in the month of Ashwin. Similarly, other vegetation also manifested from the different organs of the deities- Kadamb tree from the palm of Kamadev, Dhatura tree from the heart of Lord Shiva, Khair tree from the middle portion of Brahma’s body, Kataiya tree from Vishwakarma’s body. Kundalata manifested from Parvati’s palm, Sinduar tree from Ganesha’s belly, Palash tree and Gular tree from the right and left armpits of Yamaraj. Similarly, Sarpat manifested from the body of Sheshnag, black and white Durva grass from the tail and back of Vasuki Nag, Harichandan tree manifested from the heart of a devotee.