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Prithvi requested Lord Varaha to describe about the mistakes committed during shradha rituals and how they could be prevented–

Lord Varaha replied—It is a grave sin to partake of a meal meant for the soul of the deceased person. Anybody who has committed this sin should atone for his sin by observing a fast for full day and a night. He also has to perform many other rituals like taking bath in a river flowing eastward, performing tarpan, making offerings of sesame seeds into the fire, Shanti path, Mangal path etc. Partaking of ‘Pancha-gavya’ (a mixture of cow’s milk, cow’s urine, cow-dung, curd and charified butter) or ‘Madhupark’ is also believed to purify such a person.”

“Similarly, showing disrespect to the invited brahmins is also considered to be a grave sin. Donating articles  to  unworthy brahmins  is  also  considered  to  be an  inappropriate act.  The performer of Shradha should refrain from all these acts.”