In the beginning of the Kali Yuga, sages like Shaunak et al organized a vast Jnana Yagya in the holy region of the Naimisharanya. The purpose of the yagya was the benefit of the common people and it was to last for a millennium. To quench the spiritual curiosity of the sages, Suta, the orator of Puranas, also arrived there. Felicitating him, the sages asked Suta, ” O great sage, by the grace of Vyasa, you have learned all the Puranas, history, religion etc. You also know about all the other subjects as well. So kindly narrate the tale which could surely benefit the common people so that they too can experience the real spiritual joy.”

Pleased by the curiosity of the sages, Suta said, ” O great sages, it is extremely auspicious to talk about Lord Krishna. Only by discussing about the God, can the mind of the people be freed from illusions. Love then begins to emerge in it for God and it begins to detach itself from physical comfort and experience the blissful joy.

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