There in Dwaraka lived a Brahmin. When the first son was born to his wife, it died immediately after birth. The Brahmin took his dead son to the royal court and complained: “My Son has died because of anti-Brahmin and licentious actions of the king.” One by one, thus, eight sons were born to the Brahmin couple; but they all died immediately after birth. And the Brahmin kept on dumping his dead sons at the gate of the royal palace.

When his ninth son was born, and died, Arjuna was also there in Dwaraka. He made a promise to the Brahmins: I shall guard your son or commit self immolation. At the time of next delivery, the agitated Brahmin came to Arjuna. Training his bow and arrows, Arjuna made all arrangements to protect Brahmin’s tenth son. Sanctified by many mantras, Arjuna’s arrows constructed a fence around the labour room. A child took birth; but it too died after some time. Brahmin, then, cursed Arjuna. Arjuna scouted through all the three worlds and even the netherworlds in search of the Brahmin’s dead son, but he could not find him anywhere. Ultimately accepting his failure and as per his promise, Arjuna proceeded to immolate himself.

Meanwhile, Lord Krishna too learned about Arjuna’s vow and stopped him from self- immolation. Thereafter, riding a divine chariot, Lord set out with Arjuna, towards west. Beyond the limits of cosmos. They reached the abode of Lord Vasudeva in Tripadvibhuti. There Arjuna saw that Lord was present in Purushottam appearance. Sri Krishna and Arjuna greeted Him.

Lord Purushottam said in a serious voice: “O Krishna and Arjuna, only to have a sight of both of you, I brought the Brahmin’s sons to me. Both of you had taken incarnation on earth from my part to protect the religion. All the demons have been slain by now. Now you too return to me.

Sri Krishna and Arjuna again greeted Lord and returned on earth with all the sons of the Brahmin.

Arjuna was greatly surprised to see the supreme abode of Lord. He felt that whatever strength a living being had, it was all by Sri Krishna’s grace. Like common, ordinary people, the Lord stayed on earth enjoying mundane comforts, performed Yagyas like kings, behaved like idealistic people; deterred His subjects and slayed evil kings to re-establish religion on earth.

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