Devaki‘s seventh baby was transferred before birth into the womb of Rohini. The baby was born as Baldevji. At his birth, Brahmins blessed Nand. But laughingly Nand said: “O holy Brahmins, this baby is not mine. It is born to my friend’s wife.” Brahmins said then: “Okay Baba, we will return only when your wife bears a child. The Brahmins thereafter organised grand worships. By their blessings Yashoda conceived.

It was Wednesday, the eighth day in the darker phase of the lunar month Bhadrapada (August/September), when Yashoda said to her sister-in-law Sunanda: “Sister, kindly wake me up, when the baby takes birth,” Sunanda laughed at that. It was in fact the influence of Yogamaya. When Yogamaya took birth, all the people around her were fast asleep and continued to sleep until Vasudev came there and replaced the baby girl with baby boy. Soon after Vasudev left, Yashoda awakened from slumber and saw an extremely beautiful baby boy beside her. Nand was meditating then in the cowshed. He was informed at once. His heart too filled with supernatural joy. He took his bath, and droned new clothes. Then he summoned the Brahmins and got necessary rituals performed. Served the gods and his ancestors and donated cows, clothes, ornaments and cereals to the Brahmins.

As Nand was the chief of Vraj region, so all the people decided to celebrate baby’s birth. All the houses, streets and lanes were cleaned and sprinkled with scented waters. All the gateways were embellished with flags, pylons and festoons. All the villagers began to gather in and around Nand’s home. Ladies Folk also felt overjoyed by the news of the birth of Yashoda’s son. Even the cows, oxen and calves also were adorned beautifully. Brahma, Narada, Sanakadi etc. were all having the sight of lord from heaven. Even Lakshmi appeared in Gokul, illuminating all the azimuths. Gopis (ladies folk) decorated their palms with henna, anointed themselves with ubatan (a paste composed of gram flour and many herbs, supposed to enhance beauty) and took bath. Then they adorned themselves from tip to toes and set out for Nand’s homes with various gifts. At Nand’s home they sprinkled the baby with water containing turmeric and oil and sang auspicious songs loudly.

Thus, when lord appeared in Braj, grand celebration was organised in His welcome, auspicious music was played. The menfolk celebrated the joy spraying one another with milk, curd, butter etc. Nand presented the people generously with clothes, ornaments and cows. Prisoners, ascetics and beggars were given alms. At the request of Nand, Rohini herself welcomed the womenfolk. Since the arrival of lord, prosperity too came to stay in Vraj.

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