Story of King Saryati, Sage chyavana and Sukanya Story

Sharyati was the second son of Vaivasvata Manu. He was a great scholar of Vedas. He had an extremely beautiful daughter named Sukanya. One day, king Sharyati was in the forests with his family. Thus roaming, they reached the hermitage of the sage Chyavan. Chyavan was immersed in deep meditation. His whole body was covered with termite’s nests; only eyes were shining like fireflies. Out of curiosity, the princess Sukanya pricked those shining eyes of the sage with thorns. All the king’s army fell in crises by this incidence. When the king learned about the princess’ crime, he begged pardon of the sage Chyavan and gave the princess in his service and himself returned to his palace.

In the forest Sukanya served Chyavan with dedication. Chyavan received youth and vigor by the grace of Ashwini Kumar. Pleased by Sukanya’s dedication, sage Chyavan provided her with all queenly luxuries. After many days, king Sharyati again visited the forests. There he saw Sukanya talking to a beautiful young prince. At first Sharyati scolded at Sukanya for violating the norms of a chast woman. But Sukanya told him about the transformation of the sage Chyavan by the grace of Ashwini Kumar. Learning the reality the king felt overjoyed to see his son-in-law Chyavan in youthful state.

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