How does the god created the universe out of illusions

The king Parikshit felt extreme pleasure when Sukadeva satisfied his queries. He then began to feel submerged in the stream of Bhagavat Katha (tale of the God). His selfish worries regarding his own benefits existed no more. He insisted again: O Brahmin, now kindly explain how does the God create the universe out of illusions. How does He preserve the universe? How does He destroy it? At the instance of the king, Shukadeva contemplated on the God and presented the dialogue of Brahma and Narada that illustrates the Maitreya nature of the creation.

Brahma had preached Narada that because of Paramatma (Supreme Being) desire of creation, this universe into existence from the primitive elements. Lord Brahma also told that after creating the universe God himself entered it. Hence, the whole universe is a manifestation of God’s infinite appearance. His virtues can not be counted. But, to show his presence, Narayan takes various incarnations and appears on earth time and again. Merely, by listening to various beautiful and enticing plays of God, the mind, voice, thoughts and the soul of a human being become holy.

Parikshit again put forth many new queries regarding creation. Shukadeva related the events like emergence of Brahamji on a lotus that cropped up from the navel of Lord Vishnu, sighting of Lord Vishnu’s abode by Lord Brahma, preaching of Bhagavat to Lord Brahma by Lord Vishnu and Dashlakshan (ten characteristics) of Bhagavat etc.

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