Devotion to God

Sri Sukadeva says ‘O King, ordinary people literally waste their lives in petty matters like useless discussions, worry, sleep and feeding themselves. Those who wish to conquer their fears,

O Parikshit, must listen to, recite and remember the tales that depict the plays of Lord Sri Krishna. The human birth can be successful only if by any means one has a remembrance of God in his last moments. All the scriptures also dictate the same doctrine.

One should remember the huge, macro as well as micro form of the omnipresent God, and must not long for the physical objects. Shukadeva then revealed the kinds of Mukti (salvation) as told in Vedas and said: ‘O King, there is no other way as beneficial as the means to achieve the affectionate devotion of Lord Vasudev. Hence, every human being must in all circumstances, use his might in listening to, reciting and remembering the name of Lord Sri Hari.

Though as per the interest, nature, and the desires of different people, and pleased by their worship, many gods oblige their devotees within their powers. But materialization of mundane desires of the innocent people has disastrous consequences. Learned people, therefore, whether they have or haven’t any desire, worship Purushottam God with fervent devotion.

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