Killing of Vishvarup and MAKING Vajra with DADHICHI bones

Vishrupa became the second Acharya (teacher) of the gods. He also saw over indulgence of Indra in luscious objects. Vishwarup’s mother belonged to demon clan, so he had some inclination for the demons also. Stealthily, he supplied parts of offerings of the oblations to the demons. Very soon, Indra too came to learn that their teacher Vishvarup was stealthy nurturing their enemies, the demons. So, indignantly Indra severed the head of Vishvarup and to get rid of the sin of Brahmahatya (killing of Brahmin) Indra distributed his sin among the land, water, tree and the woman folk, and himself escaped the sin.

To take revenge of his son’s murder, sage Tvashta organized a yagya with the purpose of having a son who could kill Indra. The Yagya finished successfully and as soon as the offering’s ended, a formidable demon appeared from the altar. The demon was named Vritrasur. Very soon, Vritrasur defeated Indra and other gods and conquered all the three worlds. Terrorized by his power and gallantry, all the gods ran into the refuge of Lord Narayana. Pleased with their faith and prayers, Lord Narayana advised them to please the great sage Dadhichi and ask for his bones to build a Vajra (mace). From that Vajra Vritrasur could be killed, God assured them.

Thus, all the gods, headed by Indra, reached the hermitage of sage Dadhichi. There they very humbly and respectfully begged for his bones. For the benefit of the world, sage Dadhichi gladly accepted to donate his bones. With those bones, Vishvakarma built a massive Vajra which had thousand edges. Thus by the power of the Lord and aquiring a divine Vajra, Indra felt extremely strong. He at once launched an attack on the demon’s armies and drove them away from the battlefield.


Sri Shukdev says, “O Parikshit, from the gallantry of the gods the demon army began to fled. Seeing his army running away in panic, Vritrasur got infuriated. Charging ahead he stopped the gods’ army from advancing. He roared loudly. Many of the gods fainted from the frightening thunder of the roar. Advancing Vritrasur routed the fallen fighters. Even the earth began to shake because of his momentum. Devaraj Indra could not bear it. He made a powerful blow on Vritrasur with his mace. Vritrasur held his mace in the way and hit Airavat, Indra’s elephant, with it. Feeling the pain of the blow, Airavat moved back.

Then Vritrasur scolded Indra who had killed Vishvarupa the brother of Vritasur, “O Indra, you have killed my brother Vishvarup without any reason. Now, I will gore you with my powerful trident. Or you may behead me by your vajra. Your vajra has the power of the sage Dadhichi and the glory of Sri Hari.

But, Indra with you vajra, I will get rid of the bondage’s of my body and get salvation at the feet of Lord Vishnu. So kill me with your vajra.” Thus, even in the battlefield, Vritrasur experienced direct existence of God. He prayed God! ” O Lord, may my mind reflect constantly on your auspicious virtues, may my voice always recite your virtues, may my body always be in your service. I don’t want salvation without serving you. My mind is writhing for your sight.” Shukdev says, ” Thus, O Parikshit, Vritrasur had wished to leave his body in the battlefield and get the God. He did not want to enjoy the luxuries of the heaven defeating Indra.”

Calling out these words, Vritrasar hit Indra with trident. But Indra cut that hand of Vritrasur, which was holding the trident, by his vajra. Losing his one hand Vritrasur was very outrageous and hit Indra’s chin and Airavat’s forehead with his elbow. Because of the blow Indra dropped his vajra, which fell near Vritrasur’s feet. Indra was now feeling too ashamed to pick up the vajra. Vritrasur said, ” O Indra, pick up the vajra and kill your enemy. It is not the time to be gloomy. Indra showed his respect to Vritrasur for his truthfulness and undeceitful words, and said ” O great demon you are really great. Your patience, determination and devotion for God are really remarkable. You have surmounted the illusion of God that confuses ordinary ones. You are a

great man born in demon family. Vritrasur again raised his wheel to hit, but Indra cut his second hand.

Now, having lost both his hands, Vritasur shook the earth with his heavy steps and swallowed Indra along with his elephant. Everyone was beginning to feel sorry for Indra but because of Narayana Kavach, Indra remained unhurt even in the belly of Vritrasur. Thereafter, Indra lacerated the demon’s belly and came out. Then he cut Vritrasur’s head also. At that moment, soul of Vritrasur annihilated in the Supreme Being. All the gods then greeted Indra for his victory.

Vritrasur was a religious king Chitraketu in his previous birth. Because of the grace of Narada and Angira, he had received detachment and supreme devotion and began to roam everywhere as a Siddha Purusha (one who achieves perfection). Once he was travelling on the aircraft gifted to him by the gods, he saw
the Ardhnarishwar (half male-half female) appearance of Lord Shiva and said something in derogation. Indignant of his discourtesy, Mata Parvati cursed Chitraketu to take birth in a demon clan. Because of that curse, Chitraketu appeared as demon. But even in demon incarnation, his devotion for the Lord’s feet persisted as before.

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