Mata Devhuti prayed lord Kapila to preach the way for the benefaction of the soul, which is attached with ephimeral body. Lord said ‘O mother, Adhayatma Yoga (spiritual conjugation) is the main way of benefaction for the human beings. With devotion for me, soul becomes self- knowing. Total devotion of the soul in my form and virtues and listening my tales, unmistakably show devotion. This leads to an inseparable rapport between my devotee and me. This is the greatest benefaction for the humans.

The world is like an ocean of death and I cause salvation of those who give up all their lusts and recite my name with fervent devotion. This whole nature has different forms, but it is ephimeral and constantly changing. It has twenty-four divisions-five major elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth); five souls (sound, touch, appearance, fluid and smell); five sense organs (eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin); five motor organs (mouth, hands, legs, penis and bones) and mind, intelligence, conscience and ego.

That omnipresent Purusha (an epithet of God) voluntarily accepted Prakriti (an epithet for female force). From her various virtues, Prakriti created various creatures that corresponded exactly to the virtues that caused their creation. In the mess, the mantle that covered the knowledge also caused illusion for the Jivatma (microcosm of omnipotent spirit) which thus forgot his original appearance.

The creature then began to assume the nature as a reflection of his own appearance– though she is different from and opposite to him– and himself as the doer. Such an ego regarding ones duties leads to his entanglement in the cycles of life and death. Differentiating between the Prakriti and Purusha and experiencing their real appearances respectively, introspecting sages have had a sight of the Supreme Being through their conscience and achieve the unparrlel Brahma Pada.

Lord Kapila says, “Through the union of the sperm and the ovum, the human body appears as a lump in the womb. His body forms completely within six months. Sense organs develop thereafter. Twenty fifth element, the soul, then enters the human body. With that, the body begins to experience hunger and thirst. Then suffering with many kinds of desires, the microcosm prays me to save him from the tortures of staying in the womb. I present him with a sight of me in his heart.

It then takes birth because of my grace. But as soon as it appears on the earth the human being begins to forget me. Still, I present him with my sight for two to three months more, when he begins to laugh. But people arooound him think that he is laughing for his mother. Nobody reminds him of me in his childhood. Youth of a human being passes in futile activities. In old age, his organs begin to fail and a human being finds himself unable to recite my name. Thus, the whole life of a human being just passes in the illusion of ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’ and he reaches his last stage, and begins to realize his mistake. But then it is usually too late for him to do anything for his benefaction. If he has done any good deed in life, he may meet fortune, but without a devotion for me, no one can be happy. Only when the soul comes in my refuge, he gets free from the bondages of life and death.

Maitre says, O Vidura, thereafter Devhuti concentrated her mind in the divine appearance of Sri Hari, as presented by Lord Kapila. At once, she got free from all the sufferings. She got a sight of God in her conscience and her body transformed into a holy river. The place where Mata Devhuti received salvation is still known as Siddhi Pada. It is a renowned place of pilgrimage.

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