Married life of Kardam and Devhuti is a lesson for all the civilized couples of the world. Abiding to the limits of human behaviour in married life is a guarantee for the wellbeing of the couple. Without religion and morality, a man is not more than an animal. Kardam and Devhuti followed strict rules to welcome the arrival of eternal God. Thus, in due time, God appeared as their son. With His arrival the gods showered flowers. Lord Brahma alongwith his sons welcomed the God and said ‘O pious daughter of Manu, Sri Hari has arrived as your son. He will destroy the lust, and illusion and will preach his own philosophy. He will be known in the world as Kapila.

Worshiping the lord Kapila, sage Kardam said ‘O lord, by your grace, I’m free now from all the three obligations and all my desires are now granted.’ With these words, Kardam took to asceticism.

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