There was a sage named Kandu. He had a hermitage on the banks of the Goutami Ganga. The ashrama was a beautiful place and Kandu performed very difficult tapasya there. In the summer Kandu meditated in the hot sun, in the monsoon he meditated on the wet ground, and in the winter he meditated dressed in wet clothing.

Indra got sacred as a result of all this tapasya. He thought that the sage Kandu might want to become  Indra  the  king  of  the  gods.  He  therefore  called  an  apsara  named  disturb  Kandu’s tapasya.”

Pramalocha went to the hermitage and began to sing there in a beautiful voice. This disturbed Kandu and he discovered a beautiful woman wandering around in his ashrama. “Who are you?” Kandu asked the woman.

“I have come here to pluck flowers,” replied Pramalocha. “I am your servant. I will do whatever you wish me to.”

Kandu had fallen in love with Pramalocha and he married her. He forgot all about his tapasya and Indra heaved a sigh of relief. Years passed. Pramalocha wished to return to heaven, but Kandu would not let her.

After years and years had passed, Kandu came out of his hut, looking rather distracted. It was then evening and Kandu was obviously going somewhere.

“Where are you going?” Pramalocha asked.

“What a stupid question!” exclaimed Kandu. “Can’t you see that it is now evening? I have got to go and observe the evening rites. The day has passed.”

“What day?”, asked Pramalocha. “Several days have passed and several evenings have come and gone.”

“No, you came here this morning,” said Kandu. “I brought you to my hut and it is now evening, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Explain yourself.”

“It is true that I came here in the morning,” answered Pramalocha. “But that was a morning which dawned many years ago. Hundreds of years have passed since that day.”

“How many years?” asked Kandu. “When did you come here?’

“Sixteen hundred years, six months and three days ago,” replied Pramalocha. “Are you sure?” asked Kandu. “It seems like a single day to me.”

“I am sure,” said Pramalocha. “I dare not lie to you.”

“You have dislodged me from my tapasya,” responded Kandu. “But I will not curse you, since you have been my wife. Go back to heaven. I have to atone for my sins.”

The sage Kandu went to Purshottama kshetra and performed penance for his sins. He was blessed by Vishnu.

Kandu and Pramalocha had a daughter named Marisha.

The Brahma Purana also describes several other tirthas. Most of these are on the banks of the river Goutami Ganga. This is now identified as the river Godavari.

After describing these several tirthas, the text describes incidents in Krishna’s life. These we will skip, since they are described in much greater detail in the other Puranas.

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