BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Annihilation of Vishukra and Vishanga

After discussing with Bhandasura, Vishukra came back to war, along with his brother Vishanga and son-in-law. With this the third day war had started. Mantrini and Dandanatha both started to fight simultaneously. In the front was Dandanatha devi mounted on her kirichakra ratha with her plough weapon (halayudha) swirling it rapidly. Behind her was Mantrini devi mounted on Geyachakra ratha as an archer with bow and arrows. Dandanatha devi attacked Vishunga. Mantrini devi confronted Vishukra.. Ashwarudha, Sampatkari and others attacked the son- in-law of the demons who had come..The army of the demons started slackening. Noticing this Vishukra discharged Trushastram (weapon which produces thirst). Shaktisena‘s army started to experience intense thirst. Then Dandanatha devi invited ‗Madyasamudra‘(=ocean of liquor) devata from her kirichakra and quenched their thirst. Madyasamudra deva showered liquor rains. With that the army quenched their thirst andrejuvenated.. By sunset most of the demons including Bhanda‘s son-in-law had died.

Then Shyamala devi (Mantrini) fought with Vishukra and killed him with ‗Brahmashironamakastra‘ (a powerful weapon named brahmashira). Dandanatha devi (Potrini) killed Vishanga with her plough weapon and pestle. However in Lalita sahasranama it is mentioned that Vishukra was killed by Varahiand Vishanga was killed by Mantrini-Mantrinyamba virachita vishanga vadhatoshitaVishukra prana harana varahiveryanandita. By then it was past midnight.

Only Kutilaksha the commander in chief was left over to console Bhandasura. Bhanda along with Kutilaksha started towards the battlefield. 2185 akshohini army along with 40 commanders followed him.

A). He boarded a chariot named ‗Aabhilamu‘(=dreadful). It is dragged by 1000lions instead of horses.

B). His sword is named Yatana (= torture in hell).

Noticing this Lalita devi herself started moving in her Srichakra raja ratha towards the warfront. Behind her was Mantrini in the Geyachakra ratha followed by Potrini in kirichakraratha. Other shakti deities followed her in crores. In the usage of sastra‘s (mystic weapons) and pratyastra (corresponding neutralising weapons), none of them were drawn aback (LSN—Bhandasurendra nirmukta shastra pratyastra varshini) Now Bandasura by his mystical powers regenerated Madhukaitabha, Raktabija and other old demons. Then Lalita devi made a violent frenzied laughter –Durga devi and other deities described in chandi saptashati were born and slayed these demons. Now Bhanda generated Somaka and other demons. Then Lalita devi generated the 10 incarnations of Vishnu from the finger tips of her hands (LSN – Karanguli nakhotpanna narayana dasakrutih). Sun was about to set. Lalita devi decided not to delay any more. She then discharged Narayana astra and Pashupata astra and destroyed the demons and their commanders who were all turned into ashes (Mahapashupatastragni nirdagdhasura sainyaka) .Now Bhandasura was the only one left. Lalita devi discharged the Mahakameshawarastra and annihilated Bhandasura. Immediately his shunyaka town got burnt down. (Kameshwarastra nirdagdhasabhandasura sunyaka.

Gods proclaimed victory of Lalita devi on the drums and they showered flowers, lighted camphor blazes and shouted victory slogans.

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