There are various mantras used in the rituals of Shiva worship. A devotee should begin by worshipping the ‘Asan’ (the pedestal) on which the deity is seated. There is a specific mantra for this particular ritual- Om Hram Shivay Namah. Subsequently, a salutation to lord Shiva is made by chanting – Om Shiva Murtaye Namah. A special ritual named ‘Shadanganyas’ is then performed by chanting different mantras associated with the specific parts of the deities’ body such as –

Om Hram Hridayay Namah, Om Hrim Shirse Swaha,
Om Hoom Shikhayai Vashat, Om Hraim Kavachay Hoom,
Om Hraum Netra Trayay Vaushat, Om Hrah Astray Phat.
Having accomplished the above mentioned rituals, a devotee should then worship each of the five faces of Shiva by chanting the following mantras –

Om Hram Saddyojatay Namah Om Hrim Vamdevay Namah, Om Hoom Aghoray Namah,
Om Hraim Tatpurushay Namah,

Om Hraum Ishanay Namah.

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