Once, Sutji recounted the following tale to the assembled sages, which had been originally told by sage Markandeya to Kraunchki long ago– ‘Once, Sage Ruchi became so disenchanted with the world that he decided to remain a bachelor, a decision which made his ‘Pitras'(ancestors) extremely worried. They tried to change his mind by citing numerous benefits of householder’s life and the yeomen service he does to the society.

They said– ‘O Ruchi! The decision you have taken is most unfortunate. Perhaps you are not aware of the importance a ‘Grihasta’ holds in the society. But for his cooperation, not a single religious activity can take place. It’s your misconception that a ‘Grihasta’ can not attain salvation. On the contrary, he has numerous opportunities in his life to attain salvation. Different rituals and consecrations enable him to achieve this important goal of a man’s life.’ Pitras’ advises had great impact on Prajapati Ruchi and he agreed to get married.’

Thereafter a search for an ideal match began but even after best of his efforts he did not get any. Prajapati Ruchi then decided to please Lord Brahma by his austere penance. He commenced his penance, which continued for a very long period. Finally, Lord Brahma appeared and advised him to please his ‘Pitras’. Acting on the advice of Lord Brahma, Prajapati Ruchi eulogized his ancestors and performed the rituals of ‘Tarpan’ to pacify their souls. All his ‘Pitras’ appeared and blessed him.

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