BHAIRAVI – A manifestation of Devi



The Bhairavi is “the horrific one,” a “hot,” as scholars say, or nonorthodox, form of Devi and a counterpart of Bhairava.
She was also one of a very ancient group of eight Ambas, or Matrices (moth­ers), who were non-Vedic and identified with the feminine energies of great gods (Brahmani from Brahma, Mahesvara from Siva, and so on). The seven other Ambas were Rudrarcika, Rudracandi, Nateshvari, Mahalakshmi, Siddhacamundika, Siddhayoeshvari, and Rupavidya. The count increased until the Ambas, or Matrikas, were beyond number. They can also be shown as worship­ping Siva and attending his son Karttikeya.

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