MANU, MANUS – The first man of each age; a creator

In the Rigveda there were references to Father Manu, implying that he was either a creator or a progenitor of the human race. In the Satapatha Brahmana Manu was known as the first human, father of the race, first to kindle the sacri­ficial fire, and creator of the social order. There was also a story of Manu’s instruction by a fish on how to build a boat. The fish then helped Manu survive a great flood. When he was safe, Manu gave thanks, and a woman, Ida (or Ila), was created. With her as mother Manu produced the human race.
The Epics traced all royal lineages to Manu. One of his sons, Vikukshi, founded the solar race of kings at Ayodhya. Pururavas, son of Manu’s daughter Ida, founded the lunar race of kings at Pratisthana.
In the later Puranas there arose multiple Manus, a Manu, or first man, for each Manvantara. Manvantaras are approximately three hundred million years each, and the present one is the seventh Manvantara. The current Manu is Manu Vaivasvata. The six previous Manus were Svayambhuva, Svarocisa, Auttami, Tamasa, Raivata, and Cakshusa. There will be seven more—Savarni, Daksasa- varni, Brahmasavarni, Dharmasavarni, Rudrasavarni, Raucya or Devasavarni, and Bhautya or Indrasavarni.

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