VARAHA, Varaha Avatar of Vishnu, Varaha Purana


Third of the ten incarnations of Vishnu, as Varaha, the wild boar In the Padma Purana the world order had again been disrupted. The fierce asura (demon) Hiranyaksha had gained a boon (vara) of invincibility. With his proviĀ­sional immortality, he stormed around the three regions of the universe wanting to fight and kill the gods. He became bored when he could do no more evil, so he dragged Bhumi-devi, the earth, to the bottom of the cosmic ocean. Svayambhuva- Manu and Satarupa, the future parents of humanity, and the gods asked Brahma what could be done. From his meditation a tiny boar was produced out of his nose. The boar quickly grew to an enormous size and then dove into the depths of the cosmic ocean. It was the ever troublesome Sage Narada who revealed to Hiranyaksha that Vishnu had left heaven. Although Hiranyaksha found Varaha, his taunts could not start a fight. Varaha first brought Bhimi to the surface and restored the earth to its proper place. Then he turned to the task of delivering the world from its current threat of evil, which was always the task of each avatara (incarnation). Varaha disposed of Hiranyaksha in a mighty battle.

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