The Sages requested Suta to reveal how Lord Shiva had killed the notorious demon– Jalandhar. Suta narrated the following tale—

There was a demon named Jalandhar. He had manifested from the ocean. He had acquired divine power by the virtue of his austere penance. Jalandhar had defeated the deities and conquered the heaven. He even defeated Lord Vishnu and boasted—‘I have conquered everybody. Now! Only Shiva is lift to be conquered.’

Jalandhar went to fight a battle with Lord Shiva accompanied by a huge army. Lord Shiva was aware  of  the  boon,  which  Lord  Brahma  had  given  to  Andhak  and  which  had  made  him invincible. Jalandhar derived his power from his wife- Vrinda who was an extremely chaste woman. As per the plans of the deities, Lord Vishnu disguised as Jalandhar and went to breach the modesty of Vrinda. Vrinda could not recognize Lord Vishnu and mistook him to be her husband–Jalandhar. Ultimately, Lord Vishnu was successful in his motives.

Meanwhile, the battle had commenced between Jalandhar and Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva destroyed the whole army of Jalandhar by the sight of his third eye. Jalandhar became furious and tried to kill Lord Shiva with the Sudarshan Chakra, which he had snatched from Vishnu. Butas soon as he lifted the Sudarshan chakra, his body got cut into two parts. The death of Jalandhar brought immense joy to the deities.


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